It was back in the mid 1950s that John Calvin Jureit patented the first punched tooth truss plate that required no supplemental nailing.  Ten years later, in the mid 1960s an engineer named Walter Moehlenpah founded Hydro-Air Engineering based in St Louis, Missouri, specialising in the supply of truss production equipment and by the end of that decade, Hydro-Air had entered the connector plate business.

By the mid 1970s trussed rafters were becoming well established in the UK construction market and Moehlenpah had expanded into the UK by establishing Hydro-Air International (UK) Ltd in the West Midlands, manufacturing and supplying connector plates and production equipment.  In May 1985 Hydro-Air was to increase its position of strength in the UK through the acquisition of Sussex based Bevplate Ltd.
MiTek Today

By 1986 it was time for a new name that reflected the technological aspects of the maturing global connector plate industry. Whilst Hydro-Air had worked well to emphasise the hydraulic, air powered nature of truss production machinery, by the mid 80s, the business was increasingly all about delivering quality software to our customers. Ours is a technological industry: not high tech and not low tech but somewhere in the "Middle", hence the name MiTek was born.

By 1993 the majority ownership of MiTek was held by Rexam plc in the UK, with Gene Toombs in place as MiTek's Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. In 2001 a new chapter of ownership began when Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway acquiring a 90% equity stake in MiTek.

In the intervening years MiTek has gone from strength to strength, growing both organically and through acquisition to become market leaders in every market in which we operate worldwide by delivering leading software solutions that are second to none.