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Truss Stacker


The MiTek peak up truss stacker meets all the requirements for safe handling of truss rafters. It provides a quick safe and efficient way of removing completed trusses from the production area ready to be stored or loaded striaght onto the transportation.


Saw Stacker

The MiTek saw component stacker is typically located to the rear of a multi-blade saw and is designed to automatically stack the individual timber elements together as they come off the saw.  Having been stacked the timbers are then ready to be transported to the pressing station ready for the fabrication of the trussed rafter.  This labour saving equipment is the perfect compliment to high speed multi-blade saws such as the Athena.


Redi-Feed Conveyor 

From £789 per month *





The Redi-Feed conveyor allows for the controlled delivery of timber from the sideloader in the yard to the sawyer.

* Prices given are exclusive of taxes and subject to our terms and conditions.