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Whatever your role within the timber engineering business our management software is there to reduce the administrative burden on your business and deliver concise, accurate information.

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In years gone by a common complaint from truss designers was that too much of their time was taken up on administrative tasks such as manual data entry into accounting software packages or time consuming credit status checks for new and existing customers.  A truss designer using the MiTek suite of software is able to concentrate their time on the designing and estimating of roofs and floors because the MiTek Business Application (MBA) is designed to drastically reduce the time taken in administrative tasks.

MBA can be configured to interface with third party ERP systems, syncing customer information between the two software systems ensuring that a designer is confident that they always have the latest customer information to hand.  Once an order is received the job information is exported from MBA to your accounting software enabling the swift processing of the order details and eliminating the possibility of human error. 

MBA Software

For those managing the business, an excellent suite of mobile device software is available, delivering you a live view of your order book, reports on key accounts, design office workload information, margin analysis reports and much more.