Our Saws

01 MiTek Saws - 01 Easy Cut 700-838 Single Blade Brochure

Easy Cut 700-838 Single Blade Brochure

The MiTek Easy-Cut 700/838 saw is an advanced single blade saw with a three or four axis controller.

01 MiTek Saws - 03 Easy Cut 4 Brochure

Easy Cut 4 Brochure

The Easy-Cut 4 Saw is a power-assisted, manually set up component saw, where all axis positions are set up using push-button control and LCD read-outs at two control panels.

Our Truss Presses

02 MiTek Truss Presses - 01 Mark VIII Brochure

Mark VIII Brochure

The MiTek Mk8 is a versatile truss manufacturing press utilizing a movable ‘C’ clamp hydraulic press.

02 MiTek Truss Presses - 02 Mark I Brochure

Mark I Brochure

Rugged, versatile and dependable, the Mark I press satisfies the needs of all truss fabricators.

Posi-Joist Presses

03 MiTek Posi-Joist Presses - 01 Posi-Strut Manual Press Brochure

Posi-Strut Manual Press Brochure

A manual entry level machine allowing the manufacture of any type of parallel chord truss up to 550mm in height.

03 MiTek Posi-Joist Presses - 02 Posi-Strut Runner Brochure

Posi-Strut Runner Brochure

A hydraulic Posi-Joist pressing system delivering 18 tonnes of force and featuring an electronic “teach” system programming the press to automatically repeat the pressing sequence. 

03 MiTek Posi-Joist Presses - 03 Posi-Strut Revolution Press Brochure

Posi-Strut Revolution Press Brochure

High speed Posi-Joist press capable of producing over 1500m of Posi-Joists in a single shift