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01 Pamir Testimonials - Alan

Alan Says:

"The drawing features are similar to other CAD systems which is really useful. I feel this can be a very powerful piece of software and once users are up to speed with it I think this can speed up the whole estimating/design process."

03 Pamir Testimonials - Sue

Sue Says:

"There are an increasing number of self builders and developers buying quite large complicated roof packages. Pamir will enable us to give them all of the details they need to build the roof successfully. Bring it on!"

05 Pamir Testimonials - Nigel

Nigel Says:

"The initial task of importing architectural drawings is made easier. Pamir will assist in the speed of quoting. I particularly like the interactive features either in 3D or frame or layout view. Pamir is user friendly and a huge step forward in roof truss design."

07 Pamir Testimonials - Richard

Richard Says:

"Pamir as a software has brought the concept of design into a whole new era, the integration of inputting walls / roof surfaces and truss frames in one simply swipe puts the software a cut above the rest."