In recent years Attic roof trusses have become very popular as a means to provide additional living space within the roof space of a property. Increasingly builders of both residential and commercial projects are now requesting Posi-Attic trusses, where the attic truss incorporates a Posi-Joist metal web joist in the bottom chord.

Why use a Posi-Attic?

A Posi-Attic can span further and allow for a larger room span than a conventional attic truss, fully maximising the available living space and adding value to the project. The other advantage is the service void created by the metal web section, which provides all of the benefits offered by a Posi-Joist floor when it comes to the installation of pipework and services. As MVHR systems become ever more common the Posi-Attic bottom chord allows for easy and hassle free routing of the ducting and pipework associated with these systems.

Advanced software tools

Licensed MiTek manufacturers use our state of the art design software PAMIR and recent updates to the software have included tools to make the input and design of Posi-Attics straightforward. Designers can choose from a range of different options and configurations to quickly produce an efficient Posi-Attic design. As with any floor or roof design done by a MiTek manufacturer, high quality output and extremely useful interactive digitial 3D models can be produced to help the builder and client visualise and understand the design. Click here for an example 3D model.

Find a manufacturer

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