DWB Hull, a licensed MiTek roof truss and Posi-Joist manufacturer, recently supplied specially designed Posi-Rafters to form the roof for a large domestic extension.

Bespoke end details were incorporated into the Posi-Rafter design to make installation straightforward and to provide solid bearings on to the steel beams and walls. The build had two steel ridge purlins and a central steel at ceiling level, forming a large vaulted ceiling internally.

Posi-Rafters were the ideal choice, with plated end blocks sitting directly on to the steel beams with no need for hangers. At the eaves a clever detail utilising a ring beam fixed to a wallplate allowed for fast and secure installation, with the joist ends bearing straight on the wallplate and also tied into the ring beam.

Commenting on the system the client couldn’t have been more impressed; ‘the Posi-Rafters were lightweight and easy to handle and slotted into place easily with no messing about. No hangers or notching and cutting of timber was required’.

DWB created high quality, detailed drawings for the client, making full use of the 3D viewer options available to visualise the concept, from initial design right through to construction stage. This was key in getting the client to understand the benefits of the system.

Click here to see an interactive 3D model of the project.

The depth of the Posi-Rafters also allowed for simple installation of sufficient insulation, and wiring and pipework was easily routed through the open web void to quickly install spotlights and extraction units.

If you’d like to find out more about Posi-Rafters take a look at our website and download our technical literature. To find a manufacturer and discuss your requirements with them please use our Find a Manufacturer page.