MiTek offers truly industry leading Roof Truss and Posi-Joist engineering software and timber frame detailing software with our PAMIR and WoodEngine packages. The latest versions of the software include a dynamic link to easily and efficiently transfer full 3D information between the two programmes.

A .p2c file transfers floor and roof designs from PAMIR into WoodEngine, while a .c2p file transfers information from the timber frame design into PAMIR.

Importing the WoodEngine file into PAMIR automatically creates 3D walls (with stud positions shown), adds structural openings (stairwells, SVPs and Roof Lights) and creates steel beams and columns, giving the truss and Posi-Joist designer a huge head start, and more importantly eliminating the possibility for input error. Sections and notes can also be brought through to PAMIR making communication between timber frame and floor/roof designer easy.

You can also import a full 3D BIM model of the timber frame design and view within PAMIR.

Once the design is done a single button press creates the .p2c file to send the Posi-Joist and roof design back into WoodEngine. The WoodEngine model is updated instantly to show exact locations of all members and webs, and 3D joist hangers are also brought through to complete a fully accurate 3D model.

If changes are made to either the WoodEngine or PAMIR designs the link file can simply be updated, and the imported file is updated dynamically, with no need to delete the original import file.

A number of customers are already seeing the benefit of the better integration. Stephen Mullan of Pasquill commented that the link was a ‘real gamechanger’ when used on some of the large projects he is involved with. He pointed to the transfer of steel beams and columns between WoodEngine and PAMIR as one of the major advantages,  ‘steel position is critical, and having them automatically created in PAMIR made the design process massively quicker and guaranteed the Posi-Joist design was millimetre accurate to the timber frame model’.

For timber frame manufacturers looking for roof and Posi-Joist designs the link can be emailed to any MiTek fabricator, who will be able to return the roof/floor design in the same way. For truss and joist manufacturers working with timber frame companies the benefits of the link are obvious, and if your timber frame customer would like to find out more we would be happy to arrange a demo of the link in action.

MiTek’s software is backed up by the largest development and support team in the industry, and we continue to develop our software packages to give our customers the advantage. Get in touch at if you would like to find out more.