The recently-released UK housebuilder league tables show the impact of the pandemic on performance, good and bad, and the challenges the industry faces in the near future. It’s good to see the resilience and rate at which the sector has bounced back, considering it went through one of the greatest economic shocks in over 300 years.

The outlook for the industry is one of positivity, underpinned by growth trajectories in many quarters. Demand remains extraordinarily robust even in the face of the winding-down of support from the Help to Buy scheme.

Smaller housebuilders are reported to have fared better, thanks to their ability to ‘ramp back up’ production more quickly.  But as the sector moves beyond the pandemic period, what’s clear is that no one is immune to challenges. Most housebuilders now face the test of growing in a market constrained by supply chain problems, planning delays, inflation and interest rate rises, and stricter build standards.

How housebuilders cope when facing these issues looks set to determine the story of the sector in the year ahead. As production ramps back up we’re helping housebuilders shore up, with the help of our Dedicated Services team.


Today, our 700 strong team is working with housebuilders around the globe, not just here in the UK, to deliver projects of all shapes and sizes, taking the pressure off projects while focusing resources on bottlenecks.

How the team works with clients can really differ: for some it can be a new master design, for others, a simpler task such as converting designs from 2D to 3D. We can adapt master designs to reflect a client’s individual requirements. For the industry’s leading housebuilders in Australia, this accounts for the bulk of drafting, alongside custom drawing for smaller customers. Our drafting team will take pencil sketches and turn them into 3D models – and the results speak for themselves.

What’s the typical project from a house builder? It varies. For some of the major builders we’ll ‘touch’ their drawings three or four times, we’ll do the preliminary sketch, then they’ll do the preliminary permitting. After a contract is signed the customer will choose colours and products, and at each stage we’ll update the drawings.

Clients like the process, and having skilled, dedicated personnel working just for them, people who they can trust, and who work efficiently.

We always ask our customers: where is your bottleneck? Where are you losing time? We work backwards from this point and identify just what needs to be done to address a problem.

Increasingly, new customers are coming to us in search of solutions and with an open mind, often on the back of a referral. And as there are no initial costs to trial the service, take-up very quickly turns into a long-term partnership.

As we slowly emerge from the pandemic, its clear housebuilders large and small will need a new perspective on how to take their businesses forward. They’ll need a new perspective if they are to rebuild and grow, and we’re proud that we’re already helping companies to find new solutions and ideas that work for them in this new world.

Why not put us to the test and see how our Dedicated Services team can help you along the road? You can get in touch with us and even pay us a visit in our Vietnam centre to meet our teams and see how we work.

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