MiTek launches Posi-Joist Revit objects on NBS

Architects and other specifiers across the UK are now using Posi-Joist Revit objects in their architectural designs, following their inclusion on the award-winning NBS National BIM Library, the UK’s most comprehensive and growing collection of Building Information Modelling objects.

The Posi-Joist BIM objects provide detailed information about each product and their physical characteristics, enabling easy integration with the building design model right at concept stage and beyond.

Speaking of the welcome news, MiTek UK & Ireland Head of CAD Systems Graham Daniels said:

“There’s a significant shift from 2D to a new 3D, collaborative future, and our Posi-Revit objects are an important part of this journey, which we’re proud to be supporting.

“The new objects are driving greater specification, enabling architects, contractors, and other specifiers to draw buildings with Posi-Joist incorporated into a 3D model.

“Their availability on NBS enables industry professionals to work more efficiently and accurately when generating design documentation. It simplifies specification and using the NBS tools you can select objects and add them directly into your design.

“Because the Posi-Joist objects use real world data you can see how your models work in a real environment, enabling an object to be positioned or to behave in exactly the same way as the product itself.”

Specifiers have free unlimited access to download the high quality, certified BIM objects and can currently access six different Posi-Joist objects. These include PS8, PS9, PS10, PS12, PS14 and PS16. The full listing of all MiTek Posi-Joist BIM objects can be found on the NBS BIM Library.

The objects are geometrically accurate and instantly recognisable, with variable dimensions and connection sizes and maximum flexibility. Because the objects are dynamic, architects can draw a Posi-Joist in whatever length they require when they specify them.

Graham adds: “Posi-Joist has grown in popularity to become the product of choice, so its addition to NBS has been well received by industry.

“We’re already seeing the positive impact, with high rates of download every day, reflected in greater specification of Posi-Joist and a sustained growth in product volume.

A video developed by the MiTek team, demonstrates the simple process of downloading the objects and incorporating them into a Revit model.

NBS is a vast library containing thousands of generic and manufacturer BIM objects, and the only collection of high-quality BIM objects certified to meet the NBS BIM Object standard.

It has become an essential source of digital information for the whole supply chain. There’s a desire to create better 3D models. And as more and more architects convert to 3D and Revit the Posi-Joist objects will enable more accurate project modelling, specification, costings, and quantities.


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