How it started

MiTek Services started in Vietnam in 2007 with 4 members of staff managed by Andrew Carr, an entrepreneur from Australia.

Andrew had worked in the Australian building trade for many years and saw an opportunity to manufacture and supply trusses to the construction industry in Vietnam.

Andrew set up a truss manufacturing plant near Ho Chi Minh City, but unfortunately discovered that there just wasn’t an appetite for roof trusses within the Vietnamese building industry.

This didn’t deter Andrew. He had made some really good relationships with his staff, who were by now fully trained in truss detailing and design. He had also fallen in love with Vietnam and the culture of the country, as well as being blown away by the work ethic and skills of the people. Rather than let his staff go Andrew picked up the phone to his contacts from his career in Australia and offered them the services of his design team to provide design services for their market.

Thankfully there was demand for the design work and MiTek Services was officially born with a staff of just 4 people.

The Dream

Andrew’s dream was to grow the team to 1000 employees and to create a fun, family based environment to work in that would be enjoyed by all.

This was quickly achieved after moving into a newly built state-of-the-art office providing a comfortable area to work and relax. The office features a cafeteria, coffee shop, gym and mini-soccer field. The social club (SC) is a developing community for all members of staff allowing them to express their talents, enjoy down time and also build on their relations with colleagues.

MiTek Services has expanded rapidly, now employing over 1300 university qualified staff providing design, drafting and numerous other services throughout the world.

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