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Introducing Platinum Global

MiTek are excited to launch our new and unique design service, Platinum Global, to our UK and Irish customers.

Platinum Global is a MiTek company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and employs over 1000 university qualified staff providing design and drafting services to customers all around the world. Having provided design services for the last decade, primarily to our Australasian and North American customers, we are delighted to now be launching the service to our customers in the UK and Ireland.

Why Vietnam?
Vietnam has a young population with an average age of under 30 and has undergone an education revolution. This means there are a large number of young, degree educated and enthusiastic people available and keen to work in the timber engineering design community

The Platinum Global Family 
Platinum Global ideals are based on family values, teamwork and holding the staff in the highest esteem. It is a place that people want to work. All recruits are selected following a thorough selection process, and are then put through a 3 month induction programme to learn about the country they’ll be designing structures for – all long before they begin working for you.

Our Commitment
We have already committed to making a success of the service. A number of our highly skilled staff have visited Vietnam to ensure that initial training was completed to our usual high standard. As the service grows we will continue our commitment to the development of the Platinum Global team.

Tried and Tested implementation Plan

The 5 Steps to Success

To ensure a successful partnership, Platinum Global work through a simple 5 step plan:

  • Need Identified
    If you are looking to grow your design team, or are struggling to retain staff, Platinum Global can help
  • Sample work sent
    Examples of jobs that you have already finished are sent to Platinum Global. These will be ‘deconstructed’ to learn exactly how you and your business works
  • Trial Work
    Platinum Global will send examples of completed work for you to review and feedback on
  • Joint Training
    This is key. The Platinum Global designer will work exclusively for you and will operate as part of your team. Joint training can involve online sessions and a continuous feedback process. This can be supplemented by one of your team visiting Vietnam, or the Platinum Global designer coming to you
  • Quality Work Output
    Only when you agree that the Platinum Global designer is productive and producing quality work do we start invoicing you

Platinum Global has a wealth of experience to draw on in making sure that your designer becomes productive as quickly as possible, while ensuring that the work produced is of the very highest quality.

"The work ethic and productivity is incredible"

The volume of work that can be achieved by a hard working, enthusiastic, and uninterrupted individual is a game changer for the industry

Find out more

Platinum Global is already proving a success, with a number of our UK customers now using the service. If you would like to find out more please get in touch and we will arrange a meeting to provide more detail and explain what Platinum Global can offer your business.

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