Speed of design

Developed with speed in mind, WoodEngine has been developed over several years to help designers detail efficiently.

  • Seamless integration with Autodesk AEC Walls, Doors and Windows.
    Easy to learn software using an industry standard platform.
  • Rapid detailing using Dynamic Framing.
    Allows for quick wall edits at any stage in the design process.
  • Regular software Updates.
    Keeping you at the forefront of technology advancements with a dedicated programming team.

Advanced Tools

WoodEngine has many powerful built in tools available to give you the edge over competitors.

  • Insulation & SIPs Panel detailing
  • Floor and Roof Cassette detailing
  • Carpentry Tools (detail compound cuts, notches, drillings, Tenon & mortise joints etc).
  • Steel Detailing and fabrication drawings
  • Advanced/Closed Panels (any combination of sheathing/battens/boarding layers created automatically
  • Bespoke wall systems (plugin framework allows us to quickly deliver bespoke solutions)
  • Advanced Junctions & Opening Framing Capability (extensive capability to automate bespoke details)

Want to find out more?

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