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MC05 Pamir Roof Level 2 – MiTek office:

Scope: This is a two-day course for the intermediate to advanced truss designer who currently uses the MiTek Pamir software. The course is designed to increase productivity by covering a deeper range of program functions with particular attention being paid to set-up and advanced tools.

Delivery: At MiTek office

Prerequisites: Minimum of six months’ prior hands on experience using the MiTek Pamir software. Continuous assessment is used in place of a summary test to gauge the attendees’ understanding of the points covered.


  • Q& A session – Questions required 1 week prior to course.
  • User controls and project setup
  • Getting the most out of the user interface
  • Understanding and configuring the defaults
  • Customising the defaults and template setting to speed up job entry
  • Create default templates and fabricators for future projects.
  • Drawing and modification tools
  • Utilising coordinate options
  • Use snap options to speed up building entry
  • Create buildings from PDF drawings
  • Surface tools.
  • Roof insertion and profiling tools and options
  • Checking and modifying roof surfaces
  • Layout framing tools
  • Exploiting automated framing tools and build options
  • Layout frame modification and labelling.
  • Attic and raised tie framing.
  • Review automatic and manual room creation options.
  • Creating and managing openings.
  • Attic framing and cut attic considerations.
  • Frame review, design and loading
  • Utilising checking and design options.
  • Fixing failures and understanding results.
  • Applying layout view and frame view loading.
  • Standalone frame entry and frame modification.
  • Create and modifying standalone frames.
  • Creating abnormal shapes.
  • Editing frames for design and production.
  • Working with ancillary items
  • Utilise bracing and metalwork options
  • Review drawing tools
  • Creating detailed output
  • Configuring layering, drawing templates, borders and notes to customise output
  • Using sections and bookmarks to create standard details.
  • Using viewports and schedules to enhance presentation.
  • Exporting from Pamir
  • Generating drawing viewer and 3D output files
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    April 19 @ 9:00 am
    April 20 @ 5:00 pm


    MiTek UK
    Grazebrook Industrial Park
    West Midlands
    DY2 0XW
    United Kingdom
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    +44(0) 1384 451400