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PAMIR Posi Joist Online Training:

Scope: This course has been made available for a specific customer who is receiving online MiTek Pamir posi Joist software training. Its aim is to cover in general terms all aspects associated with the usage of Posi Joist in floor situations with coverage of only the specific software tools required.  Attendees submit a project for summary assessment to gauge the understanding of the points covered and to facilitate generation of their training certificate.

Delivery: Online via team viewer.

Prerequisites: Confirmation of online MiTek Pamir Posi Joist software training course, 2 screen desktop, online audio capabilities.


  • User interface and navigation
  • Control, drawing and modification tools
  • Project setup
  • Building entry
  • Floor surface and opening entry
  • Posi frame entry and modification
  • Posi frame design basics
  • Creating output
  • Understanding the product
  • Floor construction considerations
  • Posi related project setup
  • Software overview
  • Building entry with associated floor surfaces
  • Creating standard openings and framing openings for future lift shafts
  • Using Interactive automatic framing with splits
  • Adding and editing manual framing
  • Changing end details and interior via the build and wall options
  • Modify opening supports and framing
  • Create edge framing (ring beams, rim boards, packers and noggins)
  • Match webbing across joists
  • Edit internal details and webbing for improved engineering
  • Design joists and review the results
  • Apply additional frame and layout manual loads
  • Review additional loading to meet sound and fire proofing requirements
  • Manually add ancillary items such as strong backs, partition and restraint noggins
  • Review the Posi Joist manufacturing standard, output and installation options
  • Posi specific engineering reports
  • Using Posi in roof situations (time permitting)
  • Tips, tools and did you know sessions
  • Upload of Pamir project for assessment.
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    8th April 2020 @ 9:00 am
    9th April 2020 @ 5:00 pm


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