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The PAMIR software places the MiTek roof and floor designer even further ahead in the trussed rafter and floor joist industry.

MiTek PAMIR Software

Developed by our large European team of software professionals, PAMIR has been enthusiastically welcomed by the industry and looks set to change roof and floor design as we know it.  Watch your drawings come to life with the power of PAMIR!

Don't just take our word for it - see what PAMIR users have to say!

Let's face it, nobody wants to read about what software can do.  Instead you want to see what it can do.  Here's a selection of jobs that our customers have recently input using PAMIR.


Above: A raised tie roof featuring glulam beam supports.


Above: Complex cut attic frames can be detailed as in the job above to incorporate steel I-Beams and other supports.


Above: Here, dormer cheeks have been plated in to the attic girder frame with a complex dormer frame designed to be supported on the dormer cheek.


Above: PAMIR's visibility settings allow the user to isolate the components that they are interested in to pass on the clearest drawings possible to the construction team and the client.