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Mezzanine Systems

MiTek is a global specialist in the design, manufacture and implementation of future-proofed steel mezzanine solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Our mezzanine systems are designed to ensure absolute stability, rapid installation and optimum flexibility. Our customers include warehouse developers, general contractors, system integrators and end users ­from Europe and worldwide. They appreciate the superior quality and customizable design of our systems – properties that we guarantee and that we are constantly enhancing through research and development.

Whether you are looking for a mezzanine system that fits seamlessly into your existing premises, you are planning a new commercial building or you need mezzanine platforms to integrate your automated warehouse systems, we can design a bespoke mezzanine solution for you.

Digitalization, automation and robotic technologies bring special requirements for mezzanines in both the distribution and manufacturing sectors. MiTek is your experienced partner when it comes to the integration of automated technologies and the realization of large or complex projects. We bring extensive know-how and the capabilities you need for demanding projects and high-performance systems – including detailed knowledge of country-specific building regulations.

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Benefits of a mezzanine

Investing in a steel platform can secure immense benefits. A mezzanine not only creates additional space but also provides access and integration options for various components within a material flow. Steel mezzanines represent a much faster and more cost-effective solution to freeing up space than significantly changing the basic structure of a building or moving to new premises.

A mezzanine floor solution enables you to:

  • Create space faster and at a lower cost than building modifications
  • Avoid the cost and disruption of moving premises
  • Eliminate the need for leased space
  • Optimize the payback on an existing building by utilizing more of its volume
  • Extend, adapt or relocate the floor in the future
  • Benefit from tax depreciation, in some cases
  • Enhance efficiency and quality through space creation and improved workflow
  • Achieve flexible integration with other machinery or systems

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Benefit from expert insight into how to plan your mezzanine floor solution. This White Paper focuses on large or integrated platforms but the principles apply to all mezzanine solutions.

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