MiTek fabricator Engineered Timber Solutions (ETS) based near Shrewsbury are designing and supplying trusses and joists to a large site in Smethwick in the Midlands. Part of the project is a replacement roof for an existing building that includes an unusual spire detail.

Using MiTek’s PAMIR design software, ETS Senior Designer Brendon Hayward was able to model the complex Spire turret section, and took advice from the MiTek Design Office to devise an ingenious solution comprising 3 stages of staggered trusses to form the spire section. The clever design allowed for easy erection on site, and transferred wind loads evenly through the structure while minimising the need for specialist metalwork.

Brendon is a big fan of MiTek’s PAMIR software, commenting that it makes “coming to the office worthwhile” and adding “the ability to work and design in 3D was key to the success of this project, and I enjoyed pushing the boundaries and using my imagination to come up with the solution”. PAMIR also allowed him to create very high quality site drawings, and the powerful 3D tools and Sketchfab integration made it easy to communicate the design to the end client.

To see an interactive 3D model of the roof click here


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