Week commencing 19th October was MiTek’s first-ever Hearts & Hands Week, a dedicated week of service for our global team members to give back to their communities through volunteering. MiTek colleagues around the world took part in a several initiatives, including donating much-needed items to local organisations, lending a hand in a community garden, giving blood, crafting cards of encouragement, or assembling charitable kits.

In the UK our team members took part in an online game show, with the top 3 scoring competitors receiving the prize of directing a financial gift from MiTek to a local charity of their choice. Several team members took a day out of their week to spend time volunteering with charitable causes close to their hearts, and others donated blood. At the same time our manufacturing staff gave up their time to pack and send gift sets to a local women’s refuge.

We also chose to get involved with a charity local to our base in Dudley, the Black Country Wellbeing Centre. The centre is a non-profit organisation committed to providing access to appropriate, high-quality services in the community so that all walks of life are empowered to build bright futures, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Over 30 MiTek team members spent time at the centre over the course of the week. A derelict room was fully insulated, boarded and plastered, and IT equipment was donated to create a brand new classroom, complete with PC terminals with internet connection for local children to use. Other team members got busy outside the centre, clearing away rubbish and painting the exterior walls and fences in Black Country colours to really smarten up the centre.

Commenting on the work at the centre, Richard George (MD, MiTek UK & Ireland) said The centre were blown away with the work we have done, and are very grateful for the lift we have given them and the users of the centre at this very difficult time. I know that they will use what we have done as a platform to increase their support for those in need in the local community.”

Every act of service made a difference, and we are excited to see this tradition grow and look forward to celebrating Hearts & Hands Week for years come!