MiTek provides bespoke design and drafting services to the United Kingdom and Irish construction industry.

Traditionally MiTek has specialised in the development of software solutions for structural timber engineering and the provision of steel connector products for our floor and roofing systems. Our expansion into offering dedicated services (estimating, design and drafting services) supports construction businesses in scaling up as need be.

What is the benefit of using our dedicated services?

  • MiTek provides dedicated services which are focused on helping you grow your business with highly skilled resources that can scale up as your requirements change.

We provide these services though allocated resources, offering Design & Drafting capabilities. The uniqueness of this service offering is that it operates as an extension of your own team. MiTek has been serving North American & Australasian clients with design, drafting and estimating solutions to the homebuilder and architect for over a decade. Now the United Kingdom & Ireland also has access to almost 2000 (and growing) university-qualified Estimators, Drafters and Designers to incorporate into their construction team.

  • This allocated staffing deeply connects customers with our services team to overcome skills shortages within the construction industry.

By utilising our services, it gives you access to dedicated resources for drafting, design, architecture, take-offs, estimating, renderings, truss design work, BOM / BOQ and more. Teams of designers are allocated into three specialist floors to better serve specific requirements of clients. We match highly skilled individuals to your precise requirements, speeding up the onboarding process and handling training and recruitment.

1. Drafting Services for Homebuilders

A team of experts specifically suited to homebuilder clients. This team caters for all industry drafting requirements; from 2D plans, detailing, base plans including estimating, converting 2D plans to 3D Revit and many other general drafting requirements all including schedules and documentation.

2. Design\Engineering Teams

Ideally partnered with Manufacturers of Roof Trusses, Floor Trusses, Posi-Joist and I-Joist. This team is responsible for the design of all these products. The teams also handle frame requirements and complete Timber Frame Designs along with any other design requirement regarding timber engineering.

3. Full House Estimating & Take-off Team

This team handles Kitchen Designs & the skill sets extend to Steel Drafting, Plasterboard Take-off, Window and Door take-off, Roof Tiles, Bathroom Tiles, and Wardrobes etc.

MiTek’s allocated resource team has for the past decade serviced Fortune 500 Homebuilders to small family fabricators, component manufacturers and lumberyards. This means that MiTek has solutions and experience to match the high standards of the United Kingdom & Ireland. Our services team has qualifications in over 150 different major software platforms including: Autodesk REVIT, AutoCAD, Autodesk Architecture, Autodesk 3D Max & Vray, Tekla, ArchiCAD, Planswift and many more.

Reasons to investigate our dedicated services:

• Engage our highly skilled workforce as a true extension of your team – that can scale as your requirements change without adding overhead – helping to grow your capability and profitability.
• Expand your capabilities to deliver plan development, estimating, design, drafting and take-offs, to generate growth even in times of labour shortage.
• Experience using over 150 different software packages to work with companies in the construction industry, from architects and home builders to building materials suppliers and installers.
• With nearly 2000 estimators, drafters and designers we provide unique, custom construction-based service solutions for businesses.

Speak to a MiTek team member about the on-boarding process

By extending your team & bypassing any skills shortage, we believe that in partnership, we can facilitate your business – in both the short and long term.

  • MiTek can assist new Clients during the on-boarding process to establish continuous workflow.

The on-boarding process facilitates an understanding of working patterns; company culture & essentially helps the allocated resource to become a fully integrated and productive member of your team. A MiTek representative will guide all new Clients through this initial period to assist with understanding the continuous workflow process.

Additional team members from the services team will be integrated over shorter periods.

To speak to a MiTek representative please contact us using the form below or alternatively visit the homebuilder solutions webpage.

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