How widespread is BIM in UK construction today?

Building information modelling (BIM) and digital construction are no longer the ‘new kids on the construction block’.

They’ve been recognised as critical elements in the 21st century toolbox, and were identified as key strategic drivers for increasing productivity and collaboration in the government’s 2016-20 construction strategy.  Given that the strategy spotlighted the potential for £1.7 billion in efficiency savings – by decreasing inefficiencies, improving productivity and increasing collaboration among stakeholders – it was no surprise that the UK government mandated BIM in April 2016 in every public sector project.

Since then, BIM adoption across both the public and private sectors has gathered momentum. The latest BIM report (2020) shows adoption has risen to the highest levels to date with 73% saying they are aware and using BIM. This is a significant increase from 2011 when only 13% were using and 43% completely aware.

With such potential to completely revolutionise the way we build and solve some of construction’s biggest challenges, BIM should be accessible to companies of all sizes. But how can this happen, given the costs and skills required?

Levelling the playing field

Our clients have shared some of the challenges that exist when it comes to accessing and applying the best of BIM to their own projects. It’s why we set up our Dedicated Services division. We want to give all companies – no matter how big or small they may be – the chance to connect with and utilise the talents of highly skilled professionals with access to the latest digital design expertise and software design programs.

It’s essentially like having an extra member on your team who is highly skilled in BIM, who you can rely on to lead the modelling process, without having to recruit additional employees or arrange extensive training for existing staff.

We think this kind of service is crucial to leveling the playing field and making it possible for building companies to be able to have access to high quality digital based construction skills. Research suggests that some companies are falling behind, often citing costs and accessibility as barriers. This is especially true for SMEs and their supply chain partners.

“BIM should be accessible to companies of all sizes”

We think our Dedicated Services team offers the perfect solution – removing the associated software purchase and training cost, while bridging any knowledge and skills gaps. The lack of in-house expertise and training need no longer be a barrier. And we’ve priced up the service so it works across the industry no matter what the size of firm.

We can also adapt to all kinds of projects, from the single-build, plot-specific design right through to high quality multi build developments.

There’s a reason BIM is so widely discussed – it has the potential to completely revolutionise the way we build and solve some of construction’s biggest problems. And here at MiTek we’re proud to be part of the solution that makes it accessible to everyone, and create a level playing field.

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