The Revolution has a unique and patented vertical pressing station with CNC controlled positioning of the Posi-Strut webs ensuring precise and accurate placement every time and eliminating lengthy setting up procedures. Capable of pressing over 1500m of joists in a single shift.


  •  Accomodates PS8-12 posi strut webs
  • Press joists lengths up to 12 meters
  • Complete file driven process​
  • The High Speed Posi has two modes, one for pressing and one for testing.

MiTek recommend servicing the High Speed Revolution Posi-Joist Press every 12 months


The semi-automatic SR15 Strut-Runner features an intelligent electronic “teach” system, which programs the press to automatically repeat the pressing sequence. The hydraulic system delivers 15 tonnes of force at high pressure with a lower alternate setting of your choice for faster operation.


  • Able to camber joists
  • Can press a joist in one pass
  • 2 joists can be pressed at the same time utilising a pendulum system
  • Pressing platform: 630mm wide, 15m long and 830mm high

MiTek recommend servicing the SR15 Strut-Runner Press every 6 months


The entry level manual Strut-Runner allows the manufacture of any type of parallel chord truss up to 550mm in height. Posi-Joist sizes from PS8 up to PS16 can be manufactured on this press.  In addition floor trusses using wood web can also be manufactured.  This press is a multi purpose machine which is quick, easy and robust.


  • Compact design with a small footprint, great for factories with limited space
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Table length: 8m (Extendable)
  • Pressure: 15 tonnes
  • Adjustable platen height

MiTek recommend servicing the Manual Strut-Runner Press every 12 months

Splice Press

The Splice Press is a robust and easy way to splice timbers together in the factory.


  • Easy to use design
  • Horizontal clamps
  • Infeed and Outfeed length can be made to suit
  • 2 handed control safety feature
  • 30 Ton hydraulic system

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High Speed Revolution Posi-Joist Press Brochure Downloadable PDF brochure of the High Speed Revolution Posi-Joist Press Download
SR15 Strut-Runner Press Brochure Downloadable PDF brochure of the SR15 Strut-Runner Press Download
Manual Strut-Runner Press Brochure Downloadable PDF brochure of the Manual Strut-Runner Press Download
Splice Press Brochure Downloadable PDF brochure of the Splice Press Download