Introducing MiTek JOIST-IK

MiTek D4 Adhesive

MiTek D4 Adhesive – JOIST-IK®:- a solvent-free, single-component adhesive developed for bonding decking to joists, and sealing tongue and groove joints. Suitable for use with Posi-JoistsTM, I-Joist, solid timber, and other engineered wood products for the fixing of P5 chipboard or other decking material. The adhesive can be applied internally or externally and gives a high strength, impact, water and temperature resistant bond that is usually stronger than the wood substrate.

The unique JOIST-IK® D4 formula has been developed by MiTek’s team of in-house chemists and has been subject to a rigorous testing program. In addition to structural testing, JOIST-IK® has also been used in the floor construction in our recent Posi-JoistTM fire performance tests. The JOIST-IK® formula can be adjusted to suit the ever-changing construction market if and when required.

Over and above the standard EN204 testing MiTek’s Head of Engineering Julian Malcroft created a very detailed and comprehensive testing plan to investigate the performance of JOIST-IK® under the often unfavorable conditions found on construction sites, to really put JOIST-IK® to the test. JOIST-IK® excelled in all areas. Tests were carried out at Nottingham Trent University, where over 20 very detailed tests were carried out under the close watch of our Head Chemist and Head of Engineering.

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Benefits of JOIST-IK

  • Waterproof adhesive
  • Helps to reduce noises associated with nailed flooring
  • Foams as it cures to identify that joints are fully sealed
  • Speeds up application time
  • 1kg bottle with applicator nozzle and cap
  • Nozzle guides for variable flow rate
  • Can be used in conjunction with any type of decking board
  • Fully compliant with EN 204
  • Used as part of MiTek’s intensive fire and performance testing programs


EN204 Testing


JOIST-IK® being put through the EN204 testing at MiTek UK’s laboratory where it was tested in various different conditions, including an underwater boiling test. JOIST-IK® was also tested with many different wood-based materials including beech.


“We were pleased to be the first to supply MiTek’s JOIST-IK and we have received really positive feedback on use from site”
DWB Roof Truss Ltd James Rymer Posi-Joist Manager


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JOIST-IK Safety Data Sheet JOIST-IK Safety Data Sheet Download
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