Introducing MiTek JOIST-IK

We are delighted to officially launch MiTek’s D4 Adhesive – JOIST-IK®.  JOIST-IK®  is a solvent-free, single-component adhesive developed for bonding decking to joists, and for sealing tongue and groove joints. JOIST-IK is suitable for use with Posi-Joists, I-Joist, solid timber, and other engineered wood products for the fixing of P5 chipboard or other decking material.

MiTek FC

Last night saw members of our Technical Support and Software Development departments come together to form MiTek FC and take on a team from a local company. James Micklewright, who along with Chris Peach helped  put the team together, commented  “unfortunately we lost as the opposition team play regularly, but we’re going to turn it