We are delighted to officially launch MiTek’s D4 Adhesive – JOIST-IK®

JOIST-IK®  is a solvent-free, single-component adhesive developed for bonding decking to joists, and for sealing tongue and groove joints. JOIST-IK is suitable for use with Posi-Joists, I-Joist, solid timber, and other engineered wood products for the fixing of P5 chipboard or other decking material. The adhesive can be applied both internally or externally and gives a high strength, impact, water and temperature resistant bond that is usually stronger than the wood substrate.

The unique JOIST-IK® D4 formula has been developed by MiTek’s team of in-house chemists and has been subject to a rigorous testing program. In addition to structural testing, JOIST-IK® has also been used in the floor construction in all of our recent Posi-JoistTM fire performance tests. The JOIST-IK® formula can be adjusted to suit the ever-changing construction market if and when required.

Over and above the standard EN204 testing MiTek’s Head of Engineering Julian Malcroft created a very detailed and comprehensive testing plan to investigate the performance of JOIST-IK under the often unfavorable conditions found on construction sites, to really put JOIST-IK® to the test. JOIST-IK® excelled in all areas. Tests were carried out at Nottingham Trent University, where over 20 very detailed tests were carried out under the close watch of our Head Chemist and Head of Engineering.

Over recent months JOIST-IK® has been trialled by a number of our customers on live sites and the feedback has been extremely positive.

JOIST-IK® is now available for MiTek manufacturers to order through the eStore and can be ordered either by the box (6 1kg bottles) or pallet (360 1kg bottles).

To find out more and download an installation guide visit the JOIST-IK webpage or contact Jimmy Close (01384 451463).