What is WoodEngine?

WoodEngine is MiTek’s industry leading timber frame detailing software.

WoodEngine has been developed specifically for the UK and Irish Timber Frame industry by our team of software developers since its launch in 2005. WoodEngine offers flexible and dynamic tools to suit a range of timber frame, MMC and offsite component manufacturers, and has powerful links to numerous other packages to allow for complete BIM integration.

Innovation since the start

Dynamic Framing

WoodEngine was the first timber frame software to introduce dynamic framing tools to the market, and remains the benchmark for automated updating of model and output as changes are made.

Get a glimpse of what can be achieved with our feature video.

A complete package

MiTek is the leading provider of roof truss and metal web joist connectors, and WoodEngine has extremely powerful links to MiTek PAMIR roof and floor engineering software. These links allow for easy collaboration between roof/floor and timber frame designers whether within the same business or working with external suppliers.

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